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The amazing benefits of using face oils

Many people think that applying face oil on your face will make you breakout and these are common concerns that people have, but face oils can actually be a great thing for your skin. Certain kinds have been shown to boost radiance, give much needed moisture, and, yes, even help fight breakouts and discoloration.

They can reduce wrinkles

Some facial oils are packed with antioxidants and vitamins which prevent further ageing. They contain a potent blend of plant and seed oils as well as other botanical extracts that help protect against skin-damaging free radicals. Add these to your routine for a more youthful, radiant skin.

They can reduce skin rashes

If you're suffering from a rash, face oils can be soothing on the skin. The botanical ingredients work together to soothe and calms your skin as they contain anti-inflammatory properties to calm irritated skin.

Great for getting rid of spots

Anyone who suffers from oily skin knows when too much sebum is produced. Too much sebum results in oily skin, blocked pores and contributes to acne flare-ups. Some face oils help to reduce the production of sebum such as jojoba oil "Using jojoba oil in moderation can actually reduce oil production, making a great addition to your topical acne regimens, which can be drying," says Dr. Tung. Facial oils are now made in very cosmetically elegant, light formulations that are excellent for layering and everyday use. Just keep in mind that a small amount of the right product goes a long way. Too much of anything is never a good idea.

They're great for dry skin

Face oils are the best thing for dry skin as they penetrate deep within the three layers of the skin providing you with maximum moisture. With a whole host of benefits for your skin, natural face oils really are a one stop shop for solving problem skin - a tiny bottle full of hydrating and healing goodness. They can completely transform your overall skin tone to give you dewy, radiant skin all year round.

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